Revolution is a "nostalgia" song. Both lyrically, and musically - it is a tribute to discovering the wonder of music and songwriting. Remember the first time you put on a set of headphones and had a song speak to your soul? I do. This is about that!

Performed here by Audio Mozaik.

It's Christmastime

(They Say) It's Christmastime is ultimately about crossing over the impossible mountain of despair to rediscovering hope, and quite literally about discovering your "why".


Performed here Rande Vick and Audio Mozaik. 

Carolina's Calling

Carolina's Calling is a song I wrote some time ago. It's hard to define, but simple to relate to: wanting to redefine who you are, or wanting to change the trajectory of your course. "Haven't you ever wanted a new start?" rings the anthem, and therein is the key to the song.

Performed here by Rande Vick

Under God's Sky

The oldest song featured here, Under God's Sky was written during a time that I was witnessing several friends go through break-ups and divorce. It's a question for God himself: If true love succumbs so easily, what good is all the beauty and glory of creation...
At least, it's a pity party for the broken hearted!

Performed here by Peanut Gallery


As rough as it is, this version of Home was captured minutes after I penned it in my bedroom. One USB Mic, no fancy plugins or production. As it goes, my wife once asked me where I feel most at home... and thus this song was born. 

Performed here by Rande Vick