The Story of Rande Vick


My faith journey is a long tale of stumbling and mistakes, which - when all is said and done - ultimately (and endlessly) have pointed me to a God is who is indeed real, strong, and just as much as He is loving, comforting, and challenging. In my life, I have continuously fallen upward, by His grace. I have been involved in Kingdom work since the late 90's, most often in a worship leader role. 


Calvary Christian Fellowship (Worship Leader) 1998-2001

*Harvest with Greg Laurie (Guitarist) - Day7 1999-2003

New Life Christian Fellowship (Worship Leader, Asst Pastor)2001-2009

*CCV College Group (Guitarist) 2008

**Summit Church Round Rock (Worship Leader) 2009-2012

*Georgetown First Baptist (Guitarist) 2010-2012

**Tapestry Church Claremont (Preaching / Worship) 2012-2015

Genesis Church Upland (Worship Leader) 2016-Present

* I was a guest musician at theses churches, and was helping lead an evening service in addition to leading at my home church.

** I had the blessing of helping these church plants launch


Citrus College - General Ed

Citrus College - Recording Arts

Life Pacific College - Ministry


Husband to Brianna

Father to Judah, Levi, and baby on the way


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